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Kitchens, Bathrooms – Should you change them before making a move?

Now, this is a question that we get asked a lot and we completely understand why!

Of course, we would need to see your home before giving you a precise opinion but these guidelines should help you and if you have further questions please do let us know by emailing in your pictures and we can advise the best way forward. 

Your Kitchen – Should you change it?

Old? Dated? Sorely in need of an update? – The answer is no. In fact usually, the older and more dated the better as the new owners will not feel as guilty when they replace or update it. You see, the viewers tend to bypass your units and imagine their own new fabulous replacement. A kitchen is a personal choice and the chances are your buyers will have their own idea of their dream kitchen. Save yourself the money! 

Handles, work surfaces looking tired – Should you change it?

If your kitchen is looking tired in places for example, some of the handles are missing and the work surfaces are looking worn out it is a good idea to replace/update them. This will also look better in the photographs. 

Bathroom – Should you change it?

Again, the answer here is usually – No. Keep that fabulous avocado suite in there. As long as its clean and functional it is not worth your expense. 

Other factors to consider. 

New curtains? – No, do not buy new ones. If you have any worn curtains or nets up, we would just suggest taking them down. 

New carpets? Neutral carpet is the safest bet, and usually even if slightly worn in places we wouldn’t recommend replacing it all, maybe just the areas that are tired. I am afraid that the bright coloured or crazy patterned carpets do not usually appeal to purchasers!

Upgrading your sofa, bed and furniture – No, unless you are taking it with you to your next home and you simply cannot resist the sale price of your dream sofa or bed. Again these are personal items that your buyers will be overlooking when they view, as they will just be imagining their own furniture in its place. A recommendation would be to use plain and light bedding as it always looks better and will look nicer in the photographs. 

These are a few of the questions that we get asked, but please pop over any other questions that you may have and we would love to help you. 

Thank you for reading and hopefully we have managed to save you a few pennies!

Cardinal Estates Team 

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