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Preparing Your Home for Viewings – 5 Top Tips

  • De-Clutter

Be Brave! If you have not used it in the last 6 months or if you forgot that you even had it – let it go! De-cluttering is essential as you can open up space and create a fresh and breathable atmosphere. By clearing out all your clutter now, you will also save time when it comes to moving – a win, win situation!

  • Let the light shine through 

Be sure to open your curtains and let any natural light into your home throughout those summer months. This creates a comfortable and appealing environment and allows buyers to have a clear perspective of the property. 

  • Organise your beloved pets

As much as we love our darling pets a potential buyer might not, and could even be allergic. Perhaps ask a neighbour to the look after your dog for the viewing and when staging for photos remove all signs of your pet (don’t let your dog hear this) including feeding bowls, pet beds and toys. 

  • Exterior

A Garden is a top priority for many buyers, especially those with children and pets. Set the scene with your garden furniture, cut back any boisterous bushes, ensure the garden is maintained and show off the lifestyle it offers. Sprucing up your driveway and the outside of your building also creates a welcoming environment. 

  • Know your buyer 

Consider who your buyer is likely to be; Are you selling a substantial home? Is the layout of your property family friendly? Are you showing off the space that is offered? Or are you selling an apartment which may attract a young professional? – Is the interior contemporary and are you making the best use of any limited spaces?

We hope that this has helped you with your preparation and wish you every success; our advice comes from years of experience and knowing what helps to sell homes at the best possible price.

If you require more advice on how to prepare your property for marketing or a free valuation on your home please do not hesitate to call us on 01626 774629. We would love to help.

Thank you.

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