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Open Houses. The concept and advantages for sellers.

After a successful open event on a development of new homes that we have recently launched, we felt it was necessary to write a brief blog on what they are and how they work. 

An open house event replaces the need for a successive number of viewing levels. Instead of conducting several viewings, you and your estate agent will set aside a few hours on a particular day, to create a limited window of opportunity for potential buyers to view your home. 

This allows you time to prepare for such event and ensure that your home is looking its best, it is also extremely time efficient as instead of having to juggle personal commitments with sporadic viewings you have one set day and you can allow your estate agent to handle things whilst you escape. 

Cardinal Estates Director Jodie says. ‘Open houses are particularly beneficial to the seller; they really are a great way to create urgency for potential purchasers. Naturally, our competitive instincts prevail when we see that there are other people interested in what we are looking at, resulting in making an offer earlier than perhaps anticipated in order to clinch it’ 

Of course, whilst we would love every open house event to result in a sale this is not guaranteed however the event will give you lots of feedback to then progress forward with your marketing. 

If you would like more information on open houses or if you would like an up to date market appraisal of your home, please contact Cardinal Estates on 01626 774629.

Thank you for reading.

Jodie Griffiths