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Moving Home This Season

Whilst we are still very much enjoying some warm weather we all know what is around the corner…

The nights are getting darker, the children have returned back to school and the summer holidays are becoming a distant memory. We are heading into one of the most fruitful times for sellers with hope to be in their new home for Christmas. 

We have listed our top tips for helping you to make the most of this upcoming busy period. 

Freshen up – Pop away any summer holiday clutter and have a good clean and tidy up, it can make such a difference and it will look good for the photographs too. After a brilliant summer for the whole family, the running in and out into the garden with mucky boots can make your carpets look tired, if the carpets are worn or dirty we would suggest replacing them or getting them cleaned. 

Get the timing right – As it starts to get dark earlier now, if at all possible try and arrange your viewings during daylight hours so that they can see your home at its best. Your estate agent will co-ordinate your viewings with you. 

Remember the garden and kerb appeal – Properties with outdoor space are highly sought after, so if you have a garden sweep up the fallen leaves and give it a tidy up, de clutter the garden as much as you can so that your buyers can envisage the garden in the way they would like to have it. Try to make the most of the afternoon sun by placing a bench where the sun shines so that your buyers can see how the garden can be used all year round. 

Let some air in – A well ventilated property is always far more appealing, if the property that you are selling is not occupied or you have been away on holiday it is a good idea to open the windows before a viewing to let the air circulate and remove any musty smells. 

Pop the heating on – Although we are still having relatively mild days as we enter autumn it is only a matter of time before there is a chill in the air, a cold home can feel uninviting for your viewers and can leave them feeling uncomfortable. Prior to the viewing it is a good idea to turn the heating on to take the chill off any rooms before they arrive, if you have an open fireplace or a wood burner now is the time to have that roaring as its creates a warming environment for your potential buyers. 

Lighting – During the autumn and winter months’ natural light is at a premium. Without overdoing the brightness of artificial lighting it is a good idea to introduce some table lamps in certain parts of the home, such as bedrooms and living rooms where you want softer lighting and in other rooms like the kitchen and bathroom brighter lights can work, so change the light bulbs if you need to. Do remember though, natural light is always best so open the curtains, roll up the blinds and let the light flood in. 

We hope that you have found this helpful and we would be happy to assist with any further questions that you may have.

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Thank you for reading.

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